Windom Area School Levy Referendum Renewal 2013

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Absentee Voting Information

Windom Area Schools is seeking a renewal of its current operating levy. This means in most cases, your current real estate tax portion relating to this levy will be the same or go down slightly. Please see the tax effects page on this website for an idea of how voting Yes on renewing this levy will impact your real estate taxes.

By renewing this levy you will help Windom Schools maintain necessary programs and class sizes to positively impact our children's education.

  • The renewal amount is $1337.41 per pupil unit
  • Your school portion of taxes remains stable
  • This levy amounts to over 13% of all Windom School funding.
You may find that you are unable to get to your polling place location on Election Day but still want to vote in the election. You can vote by casting an absentee ballot prior to Election Day.
Absentee voting can be done in person or by mail. Please call the Windom School District Office at 831-6901 extn 501 for
Important: You do not need to be registered to vote to apply for an absentee ballot. If you are not  registered to vote, you will receive a Voter Registration Application with your absentee ballot.
In Minnesota, citizens are allowed to vote absentee for the following reasons:
•Absence from your precinct
•Illness or disability
•Serving as an election judge in another precinct
•Religious discipline or observance of religious holiday
•Eligible emergency declared by the governor or quarantine declared by the federal or state


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