Klaras Center for Families (KCF) is the child and adolescent division of Heart of Texas Region MHMR.  On behalf of our local system of care, Our Community Our Future, KCF serves as the fiscal agent for the SAMHSA funded grant initiative, Closing the Gaps.  The mission of Closing the Gaps is, “to provide access to previously inaccessible services and supports for our community’s most at-risk youth in order to enhance opportunities and improve outcomes for future success.” 



Transition Age Youth (TAY) is a program specifically geared towards young adults ages 18 – 22. The program focuses on young adults that are experiencing a major life transition and also have a desire to pursue educational and/or occupational goals. The Transition to Independence (TIP) model is an integral part of the approach within the program. TIP concentrates on helping young adults with engagement strategies, guiding self-discovery, and building a team of supports that the young adult can utilize while working towards their personal goals. These young adults are supported in their journey into adulthood by the utilization of the Individual Placement and Supports (IPS) model of supported employment. TAY encourages any young adult with a desire to pursue education or vocational goals and work towards mental health recovery to participate in the program. TAY also provides mental health services in conjunction with the IPS and TIP model. Young adults can participate in skills training, medication services, counseling, and group opportunities.



A counselor and a case manager are placed on a school site to serve the most intensive children and adolescents with mental health needs. This allows children and adolescents to receive the care they need with minimal disruption to their school day, quick and easy access to a counselor or case manager during times of crisis, and allows for collaboration with school staff to best meet the student’s needs.



This is a service that is much needed in our community to address the need for youth who need a temporary place to stay as opposed to juvenile placement, CPS placement, or hospitalization. The OCOF committee believes that this would be able to serve the community on several levels: children in mental health crisis, homeless youth in crisis, victims of human trafficking, CPS youth in need of respite, and other similar situations.



Youth Living Out Loud (YLOL) is a group of youth and young adults that support one another in their mental health journey to recovery. Each member provides peer support surrounding their mental health needs. This outstanding group of youth and young adults also choose topics they would like to see addressed, changed, or impacted within the local community. Once a topic has been identified their liaison, the Family and Youth Engagement Coordinator, helps to facilitate conversation with outside entities to help support the youth and young adults in their mission. YLOL provides opportunities to take on leadership roles and the group is 100% youth led. YLOL also helps to bring youth voice to the services provided at Klaras Center for Families and other local organizations by helping to influence decision-making and service delivery.


Family Voice

Raising children is difficult work. At times the challenges can seem so overwhelming, but out of the struggles come victories, wisdom, and understanding.  We want to encourage families to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences to empower others.