The goal in Texas is to use system of care statewide as an approach to plan and deliver services and supports to children and youth with serious mental health concerns, as well as their families. And it’s already working in communities across the state, both urban and rural, from the Rural Children’s Initiative in northwest Texas, to Ft. Worth and its surrounding counties, to Houston, to the far west edge of the state in El Paso and to Central Texas. The objective is to spread system of care practice to more Texas children and youth in need — providing them with access to a coordinated, effective service delivery system.

That’s what Texas System of Care is all about. Partners are coming together across the state to identify ways to help local communities address the needs of children and youth with serious mental health concerns using a system of care approach.



All Texas children and youth have access to high quality mental health care that is family-driven, youth-guided, community-based, culturally-grounded and sustainable.


To strengthen the collaboration of state and local efforts to weave mental health supports and services into seamless systems of care for children, youth and their families.


Texas System of Care will create a system of care roadmap for the state by:

  •  Building upon existing community assets and supporting communities interested in improving outcomes and costs through a system of care framework.
  • Identifying and strengthening policies and practices to support a strong system of care infrastructure.
  • Establishing select community system of care projects to inform long-range planning and aid in a statewide rollout.
  • Strengthening service delivery systems to children and families.
  • Providing services that are culturally-informed.
  • Increasing family and youth voice in decision making at all levels.
  • Providing statewide training in system of care values, principles and best practices.
  • Building awareness and a strong voice for children’s mental health in Texas.